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Gold Starts Off the Year With a Bang: 3 Reasons Gold Could Surge

Although Gold had a few great performances in the early days of 2022, it was unfortunately unable to maintain its success due to continuous selling throughout the year. This past year has been particularly brutal for gold prices.

Despite a steady recovery towards the end of 2020, gold prices remained relatively flat throughout the year. This made it difficult for investors to realize any significant gains, which could have been better when you compare its performance with precious metals such as silver and platinum, which saw impressive growth during this time.

Compared to numerous financial markets that experienced double-digit losses, Gold shone as a haven investment by retaining its value amidst market volatility and economic downturn. Its unwavering utility in times of need further demonstrates the significance of investing in precious metals such as Gold.

Gold has made a blazing start to the year, with prices hitting six-month highs on investor fears about what lies ahead. Here are three reasons why it could keep rising throughout 2021.

1) Increased Safe Haven Buying

Gold’s skyrocketing popularity can be attributed to the heightened demand from secure-minded investors. In the past twelve months, interest in gold coins has spiked dramatically and is one of the primary driving forces behind its exceptional pricing.

Central banks have consistently invested in Gold for years, demonstrating its importance as a secure investment even during currency crises or economic unrest. These financial establishments understand the value of possessing Gold during times of trouble.

For centuries, this precious Metal has been a reliable shield for safeguarding wealth during times of uncertainty. Its physical presence provides comfort and stability that can be hard to find in this digital age where much of our financial worth is intangible.

Gold’s enduring nature as an asset continues to attract people who want a haven for their funds when facing economic doubts about the future.

As haven buying remains potent, it could heighten even more if a recession arose – something many of us dread. If such an economic downturn occurred, the price of Gold would almost certainly peak further than before.

Keep an eye on the US central bank buying this Yellow Metal! You can follow the chief investment officer on Twitter for the latest news.

2) Continued Inflation

Although the effects of rising prices have cooled for now, we must remain alert as our situation could still change. Markets may hope the Federal Reserve will return to an accommodating approach and feel that a reversal is at hand. However, Fed officials are attempting to put this speculation to bed.

The most recent FOMC minutes show that Fed members are concerned about markets potentially misunderstanding their decision to reduce rate hikes from 75 to 50 basis points. It doesn’t mean a broad easing of monetary policy will occur shortly.

Federal authorities have clarified that they are committed to the struggle against inflation for as long as necessary and will not revert to a looser monetary policy. Now we must find out how much time is needed for deflation to dissipate and reach the Federal Reserve’s ideal rate of 2%.

Inflation has rapidly surged to its highest point in four decades yet has not budged. Realistically speaking, inflation will remain above the 2% target this year despite what Fed officials have said after their December FOMC meeting.

Gold is known to be a reliable hedge against inflation and could remain in high demand if current inflation levels continue. Even better yet, should the inflation rate reverse and start increasing, that would also offer additional backing for gold prices.

There are not many aggressive interest rate hikes in Gold. Sometimes, a very good inflation hedge will growth the value of Gold.

3) Risk of Recession

With the economy’s rapid downturn, people are no longer asking if we will enter a recession but how severe it will become. The outlook for this year is increasingly dismal, and layoffs have already begun as businesses attempt to brace themselves for an economic crash.

Data suggests that families and companies are drastically reducing their spending despite being more in debt than ever. It’s almost certain that there may be dark days ahead of us, yet only time can tell just how bad they’ll get.

Despite the passage of time, many citizens in America still vividly recall 2008 and how long it took to regain financial stability post-recession. No one wishes for a repeat performance, but it might be too late to prevent history from repeating itself.

With a possible recession, we are encouraged to take proactive steps to prepare ourselves and our finances. Businesses can benefit from cutting their extra expenses and building up financial reserves for when times get tough so that individual households can do the same! By preparing now, you will be better positioned than if you didn’t plan.

Wise Americans have already taken steps to protect their finances from the incoming recession, and many are turning towards Gold as a safe investment option. After all, its stellar performance following the 2008 recession is still fresh in people’s minds – leading them to believe that it will again prove itself in times of economic instability.

Protecting Your Wealth With Gold

A Gold IRA is an answer if you’re looking for an innovative way to safeguard your wealth. Gold IRAs let you invest in physical gold coins and bars instead of typical financial instruments.

Sadly, most custodians don’t offer these accounts, so many people must know their existence. Yet it’s still one powerful tool that can help preserve retirement savings effectively!

Plus, transferring or rolling over funds from an existing retirement plan such as a 401(k) is achievable without incurring hefty taxes – allowing you to secure ownership of physical gold coins or bars while reducing some risk in your asset portfolio.

If you choose to withdraw the assets of your Gold IRA, you can opt for either cash or physical Gold. Just remember that this kind of retirement account should not be seen as your only source of income. Instead, it’s another resource in your toolbox when planning and safeguarding against economic downturns, rising prices, and other financial hardships.

Be sure to safeguard your savings with Gold. Call the experts at Mynt today, and discover how a Gold IRA can help protect your wealth for many years! With our assistance, you can rest easy, knowing your future is secure.

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