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About Us

Mynt is about giving you greater choice and the opportunity to achieve your financial dreams.

Our Mission

Mynt is committed to helping people  achieve their dreams by providing effective solutions that can help grow and protect their wealth. We believe gold and silver ownership is an important part of every investor’s financial planning strategy. Our goal is to make it safe and secure for people to invest in gold and silver by guiding them through every step of the process- from opening a free account on the Mynt app to assisting them in opening a self-directed IRA. We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction based on trust, the industry’s lowest fees and superior customer service.

Our Vision

Our vision and values are the fabric that holds us together whatever we do. This is about who we are, where we’re headed, and how every Associate can help us get there and share in our success. It doesn’t matter what our responsibilities are, our levels or titles or age, or where we live and work. We all should know our vision. 


We are committed to outstanding sales and service, our business model, our relationships, our belief in people as a competitive advantage and our goal of consistent revenue growth. 

We want everyone to have a clear line of sight between their work, our vision and our success. We all should be passionate about and live our values and share them with others. We all can help Healthient be known as one of America’s great companies.

Our progress will not be perfect. Companies are made up of human beings who make mistakes. When we make them we admit them, learn from them, then we keep moving forward with even more understanding, guided by the same values toward the same vision.


Where we’re going 


This is about our vision for being a great company. This is not a task. This is a journey. Every journey has a destination. To reach it, we have an ambitious vision:


We want to help our customers build and protect their wealth. 


Our job — central to our vision — is to make it easy for customers to give us more business so we can help them achieve their financial goals. Our vision has nothing to do with pushing products or getting bigger for the sake of bigness. It’s about building lifelong relationships one customer at a time. 

There’s a difference between our vision and our results. We’re careful not to put the second ahead of the first. This may sound odd to some, but we don’t believe our first job is to make a lot of money. Nowhere in our vision statement will you find “we want to make a lot of money.” Our job is to understand what our customers want; then, offer them products to help satisfy those desires. If we do those two things right, all sorts of good things happen for all our stakeholders including our shareholders.

Our Values: What we stand for

Our values should guide every conversation we have, every decision we make, every interaction amongst our associates, every product we offer, every customer interaction. If we cannot link an action or behavior to one of our values, we should ask ourselves why we’re doing it.

We want all associates to know our values so well that if we threw out all the policy manuals, we would still make decisions based on our understanding of our culture and these values. We believe in values lived not phrases memorized. 

We have five primary values: people, ethics, “what’s right for customers,” diversity and leadership.

1. Our People


We value and support our people as a competitive advantage.

We must attract, develop, retain and motivate the most talented people who care and who work together as partners. We want to give them the training they need to succeed in their work. We want them to be responsible and accountable for their functions. We want to recognize and thank them for outstanding performance. We believe everyone is important and deserves respect for who they are and how they can contribute to our success. We say “associates” not “employees” because our people are a precious resource to be invested in.


We believe our people will out-execute our competitors every time because they care more than our competitors do


Products and technology don’t fulfill the promise behind a brand — people do, people who are more talented, more motivated, more energized than their competitors. 


When our people are in the right jobs, spending time on the right things, leading well, feeling good about their contributions, fully using their skills and learning new ones, and having fun — they’ll do what’s right for the customer. When they’re properly supported, rewarded, encouraged and recognized, they’re even more satisfied with their jobs, providing even better service for our customers. This generates more revenue — which results in greater profit — which fuels a higher stock price.

Capital goes where it is wanted and stays where it is well treated.


That goes not just for financial capital; it goes for human and intellectual capital. We must, therefore, be known as a great place to work. A place where our associates can build a career that can last a lifetime. We want to be an employer of choice, a company that really cares about people, where teamwork is valued and rewarded. Our relationships with our customers and partners are only as strong as our relationships with each other. 


Our associates are our most important constituents because they’re the most important influence on our customers. Some people say loyalty to a company is a thing of the past. We don’t believe that. People naturally aspire to a larger purpose beyond just themselves. They want to believe in their company and the good it can do. Don’t we all? People will believe in their company, however, only if they believe their company believes in them — if their company values them and their contributions — if their company appreciates the complexity of their lives — if they’re offered opportunity and challenge and, most importantly, if that company lives by its vision and values. 


This will result over time in a higher stock price that will benefit all of us because virtually all of us own stock in our company.

We value the contribution every associate can make toward our company’s success by: 


  • Leading by example.
  • Caring about each other and showing it. 
  • Holding ourselves personally accountable for results. 
  • Having the courage to speak what we believe is the truth. 

Each year, we will invest in training for education, mentoring and coaching, developing management and leadership skills for the benefit of our associates. We believe the greatest skill is the skill to learn new skills. We’re expected to take charge of our own career development. We need to understand the skills required for our next opportunity and then find ways, with our supervisor’s help, to develop those skills.

There’s another important way we influence behavior: recognition. We can never do enough of it. Try this: Give so much recognition to your associates for a job well done that it becomes counterproductive. You can’t!

We want every associate to be able to say, “I chose the right company. I’m valued. I’m rewarded. I’m recognized. We work hard, but we have fun, too. I can improve my professional skills here. I can reach my career goals. I enjoy my work.” 


  1. Ethics


We strive for the highest ethical standards with associates, customers, our community and shareholders.


Honesty, trust and integrity are essential for meeting the highest standards of corporate governance. They’re not just the responsibility of our senior officers and our board of directors. We’re all responsible. Corporations don’t have a conscience. People do. Our ethics are the sum of all the decisions each of us makes every day. If you want to find out how strong a company’s ethics are, don’t listen to what its people say. Watch what they do. This is even more important in our industry because everything we do is built on relationships. It doesn’t happen in one day on the job, or in one quarter. It is earned relationship by relationship.


We behave ethically when we:


  • Value and reward open, honest, two-way communication. 
  • Hold ourselves accountable for, and are proud of, our decisions and our conduct.
  • Only make promises we intend to keep—do what we say we’ll do. If things change, let people know. 
  • Avoid any actual or perceived conflict of interest.
  • Comply with the letter and the spirit of the law.
  • Acknowledge and apologize for our mistakes, and learn from our errors so we don’t make them again.

We want compliance to be part of our culture, an extension of our code of ethics. Everyone shapes the risk culture of our company. We encourage all associates to identify and bring risk forward. We should thank them for doing so, not penalize them 


We value what’s right for our customers in everything we do.

We’re proud when we can do what’s right for our customers and community and make a fair profit at the same time. Our customers  are our friends. We advocate for their best interests. We want them to feel as if they’re part of our family—We put their interests first by:


  • Starting every discussion with what’s best for them. 
  • Exceeding their expectations—to surprise and delight them. 
  • Investing in relationships that we want to last a lifetime.


  1. Diversity


We value, and learn from, the diversity of  associates

We want all our associates to feel valued for their culture, skills and traits, and to know they can fulfill their ambition and succeed together. We want them to feel comfortable and enjoy being part of our company. We can’t be a great company unless we become more diverse and inclusive. It’s a tremendous business opportunity — because it enables us to use creativity and multiple perspectives to respond fast and effectively to customer needs.

We must promote diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our business and be accountable for measurable results. We must always look to improve recruiting, placing and retaining diverse associates and people of color, women and other diverse groups in senior leadership.

The spirit of diversity and inclusion doesn’t exist on a balance sheet. It lives in our hearts and minds, and most important, in our behaviors, including:


  • Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.
  • Making sure diverse candidates are part of the selection process for positions for which we’re responsible.
  • Building diverse leaders by rotating them through jobs in a variety of functions and businesses to give them a broad view of the company. 
  • Seeking out diverse perspectives. 
  • Supporting the diversity of our associates, customers and communities.
  • Earning each other’s mutual trust. 
  • Getting outside ourselves and taking a clear, objective view of our behaviors — to see ourselves as others see us.


By making diversity a competitive advantage, we can make our company a better place to work, better understand our diverse customers’ needs, and give customers and communities outstanding service and deliver more value to our stockholders. 


  1. Leadership


We’re all called to be leaders.


We believe everyone can be a leader — that leadership is not the exclusive domain of senior managers. We’re all called to be leaders — to be the link between our vision and our customers. We define leadership as the “act” of establishing, sharing and communicating our vision and the “art” of motivating others to understand and embrace our vision. Leaders are accountable. They share the credit and shoulder the blame. They give others the responsibility and opportunity for success. A good leader inspires a team to have confidence in her or him; a great leader inspires a team to have confidence in themselves.

When a customer is waiting for an answer, we have to be able to respond to them fast, on the spot. That’s a competitive advantage. They consider themselves equal partners in a team effort to achieve our vision. When the team needs help, leaders pitch in just like everyone else. They’re involved. They’re hands on and available. They take personal ownership for a customer’s problem and don’t let go until that problem is solved. No one tells them to do it. They just do it.

The best leaders believe in the inherent knowledge and talent of every associate. They believe our people have the answer to every problem and every opportunity. They empower their people to develop ideas, test them, quantify the results, and then share the good ones with other functions throughout the company.

Leaders connect to our vision. They share their passion and their discipline about how to make our vision come alive. Only when an associate understands how much the leader cares does the associate then permit the leader to lead. Leaders learn from each other. That’s an advantage of being big. We share ideas, give ideas and search for the best ideas. We don’t resist a good idea simply because “it wasn’t invented here.” We’re always searching for the single best way to do something and adopting it wherever it applies — to improve the customer experience, keep customers, attract new ones, increase revenue and reduce expenses. It’s not the strongest or most intelligent who survive in our industry, but those who best adapt to change. By being common where possible and custom where it counts, we can take full advantage of the knowledge, experience and the creativity of all our associates.

Our culture: The attitude we bring to work

We define “culture” as knowing what you need to do when you get up in the morning without having to be told what to do. Culture is the attitude we bring to work every day — the pattern of thinking and acting with the customer in mind. It’s not just doing the right things, it’s doing things right. Respecting differences. Respecting deadlines. Listening to each other. Keeping promises. Returning phone calls and emails as promptly as we can. Being on time for meetings.

Our success has as much to do with attitude as aptitude — what’s in our hearts, not just our heads. Our success depends on how much our associates care for their customers, for each other, their community and our stockholders. 

People commit themselves to other people, not organizations. In hiring, we really don’t care how much a person knows until we know how much they care. The attitude of our people, their commitment to the customer, their colleagues, their communities and stockholders is the most important difference between a great company and a good one. 


Enthusiasm and caring enable ordinary people to do extraordinary things. When we do this, we want to have fun, too — because success without fun never lasts, and fun without success isn’t much fun. “Fun” for us means enjoying our work, enjoying the people we work with, enjoying the difference we make in the lives of our brand partners, customers and communities, and celebrating our achievements together as a team.


Our culture


Every time we serve a customer, we should ask ourselves: If I were the customer in this situation how would this experience feel for me? Did the interaction feel simple and easy? Did my problem get resolved quickly? Did the person I contacted first accept responsibility for making sure I got what I needed? Customers want to do business with companies they connect with emotionally, that speak their


language, are sensitive to their culture, value what they value, and help them succeed. To make that emotional connection, we must put our customers at the center of everything we do.

Every associate has one thing in common. We all work for the customer. Every day, our customers say to us “Know me. Know who I am. Know what I need. Don’t ask me the same questions over and over about my information that you already have. Don’t transfer me to someone else who might do the same thing.” They say, “Understand me. Understand what I want to accomplish, understand my goals.” 


Our customers say “Appreciate me and all the business I bring you. Treat me like a friend. Thank me. Reward me.” Everything we need to know about a customer must be available easily, accurately.


Our culture: “wow!”


Our attitude is to “wow!” our customers. We know what that feels like because we’re all customers. When a customer gets help from one of our team members or does transactions online, we want them to say “That was great. I can’t wait to tell someone.” We want every customer to say, “I didn’t know I could get service like that. She made a difference. He solved a problem and helped me understand how I can achieve my goals. I learned something new.

“Wow!” is as simple as a warm smile, or the friendly, helpful team members who respond quickly and effectively to a customer’s question over the phone. We’re only as good as our first impression and last connection.

We believe there are 10 attributes of service that make our customers say wow! We call them our 10 Ways to Wow!


  • You care about me. 
  • You make me feel special. 
  • You give me the right information.
  • You provide me value. 
  • You keep your promises. 
  • You help me when I really need it. 
  • You know me. 
  • When you make a mistake, you make things even better. 
  • You thank me. 
  • You reach out to me. 


Our culture: frugality


All of us know what it’s like to manage a budget at home. We pay the bills. We keep a close eye on expenses. We want to get the most for our hard-earned money. No one likes to find out they could’ve bought the same thing for much less somewhere else.

It’s the same at Mynt—with one big difference: We’re spending money that doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to our shareholders. So we have to be even more disciplined in managing our company’s expenses without sacrificing our ability to earn more of our customers’ business and grow revenue. There’s a difference between frugal and just being cheap. A frugal person knows how to save and spend wisely. We’re making expense management a competitive advantage. It’s good for us, good for our brand partners, good for our customers, and good for our community. It’s good for the people who entrust us with their money—our shareholders. 


Culture first, size second


There are only three ways a company can grow. First, earn more business from your current customers. Second, attract customers from your competitors. Or third, buy another company. If you can’t do the first — earn more business from your current customers — what makes you think you can earn more business from your competitors’ customers or from customers you’d buy through an acquisition? You have to show you can grow revenue first. That’s called organic growth. You can’t buy your way to greatness. You have to earn it from your current customers. 

Our strategy: How we’re going to get there

A vision is not enough. You need a strategy to achieve that vision and a business model that can succeed in any economic cycle. This requires extraordinary execution. In fact, it’s all about execution. A good strategy perfectly executed will beat a great strategy poorly executed every time. 


The core of our vision and our strategy is “cross-selling” — the process of selling additional products to our existing customers. The more business they do with us, the better value they receive, the more loyal they are. The longer they stay with us, the more opportunities we have to satisfy even more of their needs. 


We want to be the premier provider of precious metals. 


We want to be known as the best in every product in every category in which we do business — We want to be the company our customers think of when they think about retiring.


Sales and service are inseparable. More sales do not always lead to better service, but better service almost always leads to more sales. Precious Metals are our products but we’re also in the service business. 


Our value added is our service. Our talented associates sell our products. The quality of our Associates’ service keeps customers loyal. The quality of our customer experience is our single biggest opportunity for revenue growth and a higher stock price. 


What does the entire customer experience feel like to our customers? When they come to us with a problem, how fast do we fix it? How often does a team member, who is the first point of contact for the customer, take personal responsibility to make sure the customer’s problem is fixed? 

Our strategy: customer-centric not product-centric

We’re all salespeople and we’re proud of it. Superb salespeople know the importance of service. There’s no sale without superb service from our entire team — from our customer-contact people to our operations and everyone in between.

Our goals: What we want to achieve

We want to have a conservative financial position measured by asset quality, accounting policies, capital levels, and diversity of revenue sources. We want to disperse risk by geography product type. We want such a strong balance sheet. 


Our revenue goal 


The key to the bottom line is the top line. The key to consistent profit growth is sustainable revenue growth — sustainable because it results from our ability to satisfy our customers’ needs. If we had to select only one goal, it would be revenue growth. It’s the most important measure of service, sales and customer satisfaction. It’s the vote our customers cast every day with their pocketbooks. When they rave about our products and services, they’ll give us more of their business, increasing revenue. They’ll refer new customers to us. They’ll stay with us for life.

We can’t control the economy, the markets or world events. We focus on what we can control and what we can sustain long term: our core performance, our revenue growth. That’s our goal whether the road’s bumpy or smooth. Whether unemployment is high or low. Whether the economy’s growing or contracting. What we can influence is our team members’ desire to serve customers — that’s what propels our revenue growth. 


Our goal for financial literacy


We want all our brand partners, associates and customers to be smart and sensible about their eating habits and nutritionally literate — the gateway to healthy living.


Our goal for our customers


We want our customers to be successful, whatever their financial goals may be. 


Our goal for our stock


Our stock should be among the best performers in any industry. 


If we do what’s right for our associates, customers and communities, then — and only then — will our shareholders see us as a great investment. We want to be a leader in our industry in growth in revenue and profitability.


Our reputation goal


An outstanding reputation cannot be bought or manipulated. It has to be earned over decades by ethical, customer-centered behavior. Our vision and our values come first, not our reputation. Our reputation extends from our character, not the other way around. We should want to do something or not do something based first on whether it’s right for our customers, not for how it will affect our reputation. If it’s good for our customers, it will be good for our reputation. 


Our goal for social responsibility


Our responsibility goes far beyond offering gold and silver. We need to build strategies, programs and products to integrate social and environmental responsibility into our business practices, operations and culture. Our goal is to be known as one of the best in corporate America in these four areas:

1. Ethics 


This is the foundation of how we’re perceived as a socially responsible company. We want to go beyond what the law and industry standards require. We monitor and refine our business practices to help ensure all associates and brand partners are performing ethically and with integrity.

2. Products and services

We help our customers succeed when we offer them solutions that are better for them — offering products responsibly, servicing responsibly and offering education responsibly.

3. Community engagement

We expect all our associates to be community leaders. We need all of them, regardless of rank or title, to be our eyes and ears, to help us identify and decide how we should respond to community needs— mentoring youth, fund-raising and serving on nonprofit boards.


4. Our environmental commitment


We want to run our company as efficiently as possible, reducing paper and energy use. We want to offer products in packaging that will have the least amount of impact on our planet.

Our brand

Our brand is what people say about to their friends and family. It’s how they feel about doing business with us and how they describe those feelings. We have a strategy to protect our brand’s value. At the center of that strategy is our brand promise. It says what we stand for, how we differ from our competitors, and why customers should care. Our promise to our customers is this: Together, we work with you, now and over time, to provide the best information and guidance about the products you’ll need to help you reach your financial goals. 

Our brand also has a personality — traits that describe how we want customers and associates to think and feel about us:


  • Eager. We want to show an active interest in our brand partners’ and customers’ needs. 


Supportive. We want to show we care.

Our future

It is important for us to see our customers as our friends—to show them we care, make them feel special, give them value, keep our promises, reach out to them, know them and thank them. If we continue doing all these things well, we’ll earn their business for a lifetime.


It’s up to us

We have what it takes to be great. One vision, shared values that we live, a well-understood and effective culture, a strong business model, a proven strategy and goals, an operating philosophy, the know-how to execute well and most of all- great people. Our formula for greatness starts and ends with our people.

A brilliant way to plan your retirement.

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