Buying, selling and storing gold and silver has never been this easy.

Investor Relations

Leadership and Governance

Mynt Leadership

Our senior management team, in concert with Mynt’s board of directors, ensures that Mynt is operated solely in the best Interests of its investors. They are jointly responsible for stewarding the assets entrusted to Mynt by its global clients and shareholders.

John Drummond

Chief Executive Officer

John leads Mynt’s vision, strategy, and execution. He oversees the consumer and institutional arms which offer an entire suite of products that make buying, selling and spending gold and silver easy and secure. He is responsible for the Company’s mergers, acquisitions and strategic investing efforts. Before co-founding Mynt, John was a partner at private equity firm, Joystar Capital. Outside of Mynt, John serves on the board of Joystar Capital, Infuzion, Media Inc and is the Chairman of CVSPCA charity

Jitendra Jain

Chief Technology Office

Jitendra oversees the management of Mynt’s IT and data, and the development of the Company’s products and services. 


Prior to joining Mynt, Jitendra was CEO of Inventcolabs, a global leader in Finlech with offices in the USA, Dubal, Qatar and India where he helped build the technology and engineering teams and led the company through 11 years of rapid growth.


Throughout the span of his career. he has overseen the architecture definition, technology selection, solution development testing and successful launch of mobile apps for over 200 companies In 80 countries across Industries including cryptocurrency,social media, banking, healthcare, real estate and entertainment.


Jitendra is a proven leader with more than 14 years of experience in managing diverse product portfolios and strategies, working closely with channel partners to drive software innovation. He is a member of the board of directors of Inventco, a technology adviser to several  startups and an active angel investor. He has a bachelor’s degree in  Computer Science from the University of Rajasthan

Sandeep Agrawal

Senior Vice President of Software Engineering

Sandeep is Mynt’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. Sandeep oversees the development of Mynt’s gold and silver trading platform and the Mynt Gold Backed Debit Card. His teams are responsible for delivering the software at the heart of Mynt’s innovative products, including the user interface, applications and frameworks.


Prior to joining Mynt, Sandeep worked at Enuke Software as Software Developer, and then spent a decade at Inventco, an internet e-commerce pioneer where he held several roles including chief technology officer of the company.


Sandeep Holds a Master of Computer Application degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Computer Application Degree from the University of Rajasthan

Advisory Board

Bill Alverson

Managing Partner of Joystar Capital

An accomplished venture investor, company advisor, and entrepreneur, Bill Alverson manages a portfolio of technology and consumer startups. Primarily known for its investments in early stage technology companies, Bill and his team have grown Joystar Capital into one of the most successful venture capital firms ever. 


As a founder, builder and operator, Bill loves investing in talented teams run by engineers, designers, and product founders, supporting them as they build businesses shaping our national and global future.


He began angel investing in 1998 and over the following decade, the portfolio grew from a handful of early stage startups to include some of the most iconic brands in tech. Bill has long been a fixture of the venture capital community, in part for the kind of fruitful and fun collaborations with early stage companies. 

Chris Bank

Founder, Bank Capital

Chris is an angel investor and venture capitalist focused on early-stage critical government, industrial, enterprise and climate tech in the US and Emerging Markets.


Over the past two decades, Chris has developed expertise in product and digital strategy, design, operations and growth of productivity and collaboration software used by individuals, small teams and large organizations.


He focuses on investing in technology with the potential to significantly impact humanity such as national & cyber security, advanced manufacturing, transportation, clean energy, sustainability, aerospace, data & AI, employee & financial tech innovations in the US and Emerging Markets.

Trust Center

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