Buying, selling and storing gold and silver has never been this easy.

Investor Relations

Company Overview

Our Business

Mynt was founded on the belief that everyone should be able to achieve their financial dreams. We are creating a modern financial services platform for people worldwide to build and protect their assets regardless of their wealth, income or background.


Mynt is a FinTech business offering users gold and silver trading platform and debit card that enables gold and silver to be used as money. Mynt’s goal is to provide everyone in the world with a reliable and stable form of money. Mynt’s gold-backed and silver-backed debit card  enables customers to save, exchange and spend physically allocated gold and silver anywhere in the world. 


Our mission is to democratize the way people invest, pay and spend. We use technology to provide access to the lowest prices and ability to trade in fractional ounces in a way that is simple and convenient for our customers. We believe investing should be familiar and welcoming, with a simple design and an intuitive interface, so that customers are empowered to achieve their goals. We started with a revolutionary, bold brand and design in the Mynt app which makes investing approachable for hundreds of millions of investors worldwide.


We are pioneering  commission-free trading with no account minimums and we will continue to build relationships with our customers by introducing new products that will help them achieve their financial goals. Through these efforts, we believe that our platform will enable our customers to become long- term investors and take greater control of their financial futures.

At Mynt, our values are in service to our customers. The following values describe the company that we aspire to become.


Security First


Mynt is a security-first company. The reliability of our platform takes precedence over all else, so that we can be there for our customers when they need us the most. We relentlessly protect our customers’ security and privacy, and we only share with our counterparts what they need to fulfill our customers’ financial needs, nothing more. We build safeguards and provide education so that our customers are in the best position to succeed. We have high-quality, timely customer support, and when things aren’t right, we fix them.. We hold ourselves and our colleagues to the highest ethical standards.


Participation Is Power


At Mynt, the institutions don’t get a better deal. We founded Mynt in the wake of the financial crisis because we identified a gap – the more you had, the better deal you got. We aim to give everyone access to the best prices, regardless of their background or bank account balance. That’s why we have no account minimums and a product that was designed from the ground up for small accounts. We would rather serve many small customers over a few large ones. We reflect the world around us, and we elevate and embrace all voices so everyone feels at home at Mynt.


Totally Customer Focus


We exist to make our customers happy. From day one, we have prioritized getting direct customer feedback on what we were building. Talking to our customers throughout the product development process we have today. We listen, ask questions, and critically evaluate our work by how valuable our customers find it. We never stop asking how we can make our product better, and we never settle for ‘good enough’. We listen to our colleagues, and we start from a place of believing they are capable and well-intentioned. We delight our customers and take pride in our work.

Our Products

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide can use Mynt to invest in, spend and pay with gold and silver  and we take our responsibility to them seriously. We are passionate about operating Mynt in a way that aligns with customer interests, applicable regulations, and with our own mission to democratize the process for all. 


We believe our products can transform the way people plan for their financial goals. We  begin by offering our customers the ability to buy and sell on a mobile-first platform and will continue to expand our offerings to add products and features for our customers. Each capability we add will be the result of a constant focus on our customers’ needs and feedback, which will  guide our product development decisions throughout our history.


The core tenet of the Mynt offering—expanding access to gold and silver investing through products that empower people to learn, participate, and grow—underpins each of our offerings. We remain focused on building the best products to serve  our customers’ financial planning needs.


The Mynt platform


We believe we have designed an elegant, intuitive investing interface that provides our customers with trading functionality and market information such as historical prices, recent news, analyst research, and more. 

Fractional Trading. Fractional trading allows customers to invest in fractions of an ounce of gold and silver rather than requiring them to buy and sell whole bars and coins. This service enables customers to build a portfolio regardless of their budget and removes a barrier to investing, thereby providing access to precious metals investing with as little as $10.


Recurring Investments. Our recurring investment feature enables our customers to automatically buy gold and silver on a set schedule, allowing them to build positions over time and establish regular investing habits, even with small contributions. 


Mynt Retirement. We offer self-directed IRA  accounts to help people build towards their retirement.


We believe offering educational resources is critical to advancing our mission. The more financial education people receive, the better equipped, and more empowered they will be to make personal investment decisions that meet their long-term goals. We’re constantly expanding financial educational resources on the Mynt website for anyone to access as well as in-app education for our customers.


We offer a variety of ways for our customers to grow their financial knowledge:


  • Mynt Learn. Mynt Learn is an online collection of beginners’ guides, feature tutorials, and an extensive financial dictionary available to anyone. It is designed to provide people with a breadth of financial education and is regularly updated to ensure we provide timely and relevant information for anyone to learn and grow.
  • In-App Education. Our first in-app education resources cover precious metals investing fundamentals including why people invest, a market overview, and tips on how to define investing goals. This allows customers to understand the basics of investing before their first trade. We plan to continue to release additional Learn modules to provide customers access to information that can help build financial confidence.

Our Technology

The Mynt mobile app is the core front-end pathway through which our customers engage with us. Our self-clearing platform, order routing system, data platform, and other back-end infrastructure deliver the capabilities that allow our customers to focus on investing.


Some of our most critical technologies include:


  • Self-Clearing System. Our self-clearing services allow us to clear and settle trades without relying on a third-party clearing firm, an approach that provides increased internal visibility over clearing and settlement.
  • Machine Learning Platform. Machine learning models are highly advanced and will contribute to multiple capabilities across our business. For example, we will use machine learning as part of our fraud detection systems and customer support workflows, and even to improve the customer experience in our newsfeed by expanding the number of sources we can pull from, parsing and categorizing these articles, and delivering highly relevant and varied news to our customers for companies, stocks, or cryptocurrencies.


Experiments Infrastructure. To enable our rapid product cycle, we will build a proprietary experiments infrastructure that enables us to test product changes through the build process and validate research hypotheses. The iterative, customer-centric product development approach that is so core to our success is enabled by this robust internal technology.

Our Growth Strategies

We aim to serve our customers with existing product offerings, grow with our customers over time as they build their wealth, and create new and innovative products that are relevant to new and existing customers.


Continuously Adding New Customers to Our Platform


We are simplifying how people interact with financial products, allowing new customers from all walks of life and generations to participate in the financial system.
We will achieve our growth with relatively little investment in traditional sales and marketing efforts, although we have done substantial research to determine how to most efficiently utilize paid channels. We plan to constantly increase our brand marketing in the future and anticipate that our marketing efforts will drive higher brand awareness that can further accelerate our growth.


Growing with Our Customers


Many of our customers will just be beginning their financial journeys. As our customers grow their wealth, we believe they will continue to expand their relationship with our platform, providing an increased opportunity to meet their growing financial needs. We believe that these needs may come in a number of forms, from helping new investors grow into long-term investors to providing other financial services such as saving, spending, or borrowing. The younger generation is poised to see its wealth expand in the coming years and participation in the markets will provide a critical opportunity as younger customers grow their assets and build financial security for themselves and their families. We are committed to deepening strong relationships with our loyal customer base and earning our customers’ trust when they choose our platform on their financial journeys.


Expanding Internationally


We believe there is a significant opportunity for Mynt to grow internationally. Over time, we intend to pursue a disciplined approach to international expansion and we will consider factors such as population size and demographics, legal and regulatory environments, and general investing attitudes in potential new markets prior to pursuing such expansion. Our plans to pursue international expansion are uncertain and dependent on a variety of external factors, including, among other things, our obtaining required regulatory approvals, authorizations, licenses and consents, our obtaining and protecting intellectual property rights abroad, and the identification of and successful entry into new business partnerships with third-party service providers that would be necessary to provide our products and services in the relevant local market.

Our Customers

In addition to helping established investors, businesses and high networth individuals protect their wealth from inflation and market unrest, we are empowering a new generation of investors with a smart way to build for their financial futures. Mynt was built to make investing more friendly, approachable, and understandable to newcomers and experts alike. We can reach customers worldwide from a wide variety of social and economic backgrounds. We take pride in the fact that we are expanding the market by welcoming new investors into the financial system and helping the next generation of investors build sound long-term investing and saving habits.


Customer feedback is at the heart of product development at Mynt. As such, we will regularly communicate with our customers—not just to provide support, but also to learn more about their experiences and insights, and to respond to their feedback about our products. This keeps us connected with customers and enables us to understand their expectations and the problems and opportunities they face financially.


We believe that we are changing the consumption patterns for financial products and services and growing the market, but will continue to face competition from other firms including precious metals dealers, large legacy financial institutions, large technology companies, and smaller, new financial technology entrants.


We believe that the key competitive factors in our market include:


  • product features, quality and functionality;
  • operating efficiency;
  • engineering talent;
  • brand recognition;
  • security and trust;
  • cloud-based architecture; and
  • vertical integration.


We seek to differentiate ourselves from competitors primarily through our vertically integrated, mobile-first platform and focus on accessibility, customer experience, and trust. We believe that our ability to innovate quickly further differentiates our platform from our competition. We believe we can compete favorably across all key competitive factors and that we have developed a business model that is difficult to replicate.

Our Competitive Advantages

We believe we have a number of competitive advantages that position us well to serve an increasing portion of the population and the broader financial services ecosystem.


Creative Product Design


We believe the archaic, cumbersome, and expensive precious metals investment process reinforces legacy barriers to participation in the financial system. We put design at the center of our product with the goal of building long-term relationships with customers. We will involve talented product designers early and often throughout our product development process to create intuitive and well designed experiences that efficiently address our customers’ needs. Our customer-centric approach makes our platform easy to use, informative, and familiar in look and feel for a generation of mobile-first customers. For example, we will seamlessly integrate information into our platform through Mynt Learn and our newsfeed, which offers free news from trusted sources. In addition, we will continue to work to deliver an intuitive product experience including developing and implementing designs to celebrate investing milestones of our customers in a responsible way. Our products are designed mobile-first, allowing us to offer attractive investing and saving experiences as more people shift their investing activities to the palm of their hands.


Category-Defining Brand


We believe Mynt will be a global symbol of gold and silver investing and finance . By taking a fresh, people-centric approach and creating an engaging customer experience, we believe we are building a trusted, category-defining brand that makes responsible investing socially relevant for the next generation.
The relationship we build with our customers will lead many to want to talk about Mynt and share their experience with their friends and family. From Mynt’s inception, a vast majority of our growth will come directly from customers joining our platform organically or through the Mynt Referral Program. The excitement around Mynt demonstrates how our innovative approach to financial products has built deep,loyal customer relationships and positioned us well to continue attracting new people to our platform, and sharing new product experiences with our customers.


Financial Services at Internet Scale


Our people-centric approach drives customer enthusiasm and engagement, resulting in rapid adoption of our products. We designed our platform to provide our customers with relevant, accessible information when they need it most. We will use our platform, from push notifications to widgets, to provide seamless customized updates to our customers. This engenders trust, creates enduring long- term relationships, and has resonated with our customers


Vertically Integrated Platform


We design our own products and services and deliver them through a single, app-based platform supported by proprietary technology that will be cloud-based from the start. Our digitally-native technology stack also gives us control over our product development from end-to-end, enabling faster development times, better customer experiences, stronger unit economics, greater flexibility, and a robust and dynamic risk management framework. Our vertically integrated platform will enable us to rapidly introduce new products and services such as lending, instant withdrawals, Mynt Debit Card, and Mynt Retirement, while also supporting our ability to quickly scale.

Trust Center

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