Buying, selling and storing gold and silver has never been this easy.

Institutional-grade storage. Industry-leading security.

Store and manage your precious metals using the most secure, compliant, and user-friendly custody solution on the market.

Total Security & Full Access

Holding precious metals bullion coins and bars in one’s own possession, or storing them in a bank safe deposit box, can present a host of security, logistics, insurance, and even personal safety concerns.You need ready access to your bullion. And you want to place it in the most secure location. Delaware Depository provides you with the best of both worlds.

Delaware Depository is widely recognized as an industry-leading provider of physical precious metals bullion safekeeping and distribution services. Delaware Depository serves major commodity exchanges, financial institutions, IRA custodians, commercial entities, industrial companies and individual investors. Due to its unique qualifications, bullion held in its physical possession conforms to IRS requirements and is acceptable in individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

When you store your bullion at Delaware Depository, taking delivery, or shipping or transferring to your broker, dealer or custodian is quick and easy. Most bullion moves are processed the very next day, providing you with ready access to your bullion and increased liquidity.

Top Ten Reasons To Choose Delaware Depository

1. Direct access to a team of highly experienced, responsive and friendly employees – with no middle man or customer service center relaying information between you and the depository

2. All bullion is fully allocated to the account holder and held off-balance sheet

3. Bullion is safe from creditors because Delaware Depository has no debt, and does not lend, pledge or encumber any bullion entrusted to its care

4. Physically fortified, access-controlled facilities with high security vaults and extensive security monitoring, including motion, sound, vibration, and metal detection devices

5. Dedicated security staff monitoring and video recording all activity 24/7, 365 days per year

6. State-of-the-art inventory control & reporting

7. Delaware tax advantages

8. Geographically separated from major political and financial centers, and relatively free of natural disasters

9. Fully insured UPS, FedEx, USPS, and armored car shipping

10. $1 billion in all-risk insurance

Delaware Advantage

Further enhancing its service capabilities, Delaware Depository is geographically away from the threats associated with major political

and financial centers such as

Washington DC and New York City, yet conveniently located near major transportation hubs. And the area is relatively free from natural disasters. Furthermore, the state of Delaware imposes no sales tax on the purchase, administration, or storage of precious metals.

There are no corporate net worth, personal inventory or transfer taxes applied to physical bullion transactions. And unlike some other states, the sale of bullion does not create a nexus status for state income tax purposes

Delaware Depository = Peace of Mind

At Delaware Depository, securing your bullion is of utmost importance. We have many layers of physical and electronic security, proprietary systems and internal controls, legal protections, and professional experience that render Delaware Depository one of the most secure operations of its kind. The final layer of protection is insurance. To supplement its experience and security, Delaware Depository maintains $1,000,000,000.00 in all-risk, precious metals storage insurance through London underwriters.

A brilliant way to plan your retirement.

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