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Does a Precious Metals-Backed IRA Make Sense For You?

As people become increasingly uncertain of the value of their investments, they search for a reliable and familiar option. It’s not any different regarding savings and investments; most individuals are more comfortable with tangible, physical assets such as gold or silver coins. That being said, these kinds of decisions should be taken cautiously; research your options carefully before investing in anything!

In this day and age, the majority of our possessions are digital – from bank accounts to financial investments. This has its benefits; however, we may feel vulnerable and uncertain when something goes awry. Fortunately for us, a convenient solution can protect us against disruptions in our lives’ regular flow.

It can be incredibly daunting; how do you protect yourself and your finances from further depletion? Fortunately, many Americans are turning to tangible physical assets such as precious metals for financial security.

While some high-profile investors may disparage precious metals as “simple rocks,” owning them is no small feat. You need not fear that the organization whose stocks or bonds you possess could default, nor should you ponder over the possible devaluation of your dollars due to inflation – certain types of rare stones have a remarkable history of defending against such economic woes.

The rewarding characteristics of these precious metals make them an increasingly desirable investment choice for more Americans, inspiring many to invest in a precious metals-backed IRA.

This retirement account can be referred to as a gold/silver IRA or gold/silver-backed IRA and is an optimal way to guard your finances during uncertain times. With the help of this form of protection, you can take advantage of the unparalleled power that lies within Precious Metals Investing!

What Is a Precious Metals IRA?

Investing in a precious metals IRA has become an increasingly popular choice amongst retirement investors. Yet, many still need to be made aware of their ability to do so because most custodians don’t manage metal-based assets. Luckily, you can now enjoy all the same tax benefits as any other traditional IRA by owning Gold, silver, and other coveted commodities within your account!

What Precious Metals Can I Invest In?

When you think of precious metals, Gold and silver usually come to mind. However, a dozen more have been cataloged as such- but only four are eligible for investment through a Precious Metals IRA. This includes Gold, silver, Platinum, and palladium– each offering unique long-term growth potentials in the ever-changing financial landscape.


When it comes to precious metals, Gold immediately springs to mind. Gold has undeniably been regarded as a symbol of wealth throughout history, from the legendary Fort Knox, Mr. T’s iconic jewelry, and Scrooge McDuck’s beloved money bin. 


Silver sometimes gets the appreciation it deserves, yet it can be a beneficial asset for portfolio diversification and potential growth. In some cases, silver may even outshine Gold. Silver’s use in the industry makes its price moves slightly different from that of Gold, as demand within certain industries can cause fluctuations in prices.


Platinum has long been used in automobile catalytic converters as the world’s most recognized use. But it can also be found adorning us as jewelry! Not to mention its potential for financial gain – many mints offer IRA-approved platinum coins and bars that have made investors a fortune.


Palladium is often used in catalytic converters, and its cost has continued to rise in the past few years. At one stage, it was even priced more than Gold’s highest rate ever achieved. Palladium coins and bars are less common than Platinum; however, several IRA-eligible palladium coins and bars are still available for purchase.

The Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals

Investing in precious metals can yield a variety of advantages. Here are four major reasons to invest in these valuable commodities through an IRA: Protect Your Wealth – Historically, Gold and silver have been considered the optimum choice for safeguarding wealth. Hence, investing in these two metals may help you secure your financial future today!

As soon as a crisis looms, investors flock to purchase Gold and silver. This phenomenon was evident in the 2008 recession, and we saw it in 2020; currently, prices have consistently spiked due to heightened demand from investors.

Inflation Hedge

Precious metals, such as Gold, can buffer against inflationary pressures. Its purchasing power has been maintained throughout the period, even while the US dollar continues to be devalued.

Investors are looking to Gold and silver as a viable solution in the present era of high inflation, considering these precious metals provided annualized gains of more than 30% throughout the stagflationary period of the 1970s. Over four decades on, this is an optimal way for individuals to protect their portfolios against market volatility while still potentially achieving greater returns.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Even the most vehement opponents of precious metals grudgingly own up to their potential for portfolio diversification. Despite being the more popular choices, Gold and silver are others in this venture. Platinum and palladium can also be incredibly helpful due to their industrial applications and impact on your investments, unlike Gold or silver. Therefore, allocating a section of your investment portfolio toward these rare metals is essential!

Tax-Free Growth With a Precious Metals IRA

Choose to invest in precious metals through a self-directed IRA. You can take advantage of tax-free investment growth, preferable taxation, and the option to hold these coins physically. Many investors feel comforted knowing they can personally possess their investments – an opportunity made possible by placing them into a Precious Metals IRA.

Take advantage of tax-free growth with a Traditional or Roth precious metals IRA! With the former, you invest pre-tax dollars and pay taxes upon taking distributions, whereas with the latter, investments are made post-tax, but withdrawals are untaxed. You can even receive your distribution in physical form – cash or metal!

Precious Metals IRA Rules & Regulations

Precious metals-backed IRAs have the same tax advantages as other retirement accounts, meaning it’s essential to be aware of IRA rules and regulations. Knowing these details can help prevent unfortunate or undesired taxation situations.

Ban on Collectibles

Regarding IRA accounts, the purchase of collectibles is strictly prohibited. Any endeavor to invest in such items using IRA assets would be an unlawful distribution of funds and could generate taxation fees and penalties. The Internal Revenue Service has outlined a handful of objects categorized as collectible coins or metals, though this list needs to be more definitive.

Although certain coins are excluded from the definition of collectibles, some special pieces crafted by the US Mint have been granted an exception. The Silver and Gold American Eagles and any gold, silver, Platinum, palladium coin, or bullion that meets a minimum fineness accepted for futures contracts all make up this distinguished group.

To qualify for investment through a precious metals IRA, all gold coins and bars must have purity rates of 99.5%, and silver coins or bar purities must be at least 99.9%. In comparison, Platinum and palladium must reach the minimum threshold of 99.95%.

Do you want to invest in the lucrative realm of precious metal coins through an IRA? The good news, there are numerous options available. Unfortunately, South African Krugerrands, British Sovereigns, Morgan silver dollars, and Swiss Twenty Franc coins aren’t eligible as their metals don’t meet the requirements for a qualified retirement account. However, millions of other coins fulfill these criteria, and Mynt works directly with many mints supplying those specific pieces!

No Home Storage

If you have done enough research about self-directed IRAs and precious metals IRAs, the term “home storage IRA” might sound quite appealing. This type of account allows individuals to own precious metals within an IRA that they can store at home. However, it must be noted that these claims are untrue. A custodian approved by the IRS must manage any IRA assets, and all physical precious metals should only reside in a bullion depository.

While it is theoretically possible for an individual to meet the IRS custodial specifications, they are so exacting that this is the first time anyone has achieved this. Subsequently, if you attempt to set up a home storage IRA and utilize your IRA funds to purchase Gold or silver coins and bars, which you then store in your home – it is likely a disbursement of assets resulting in taxes and penalties for you.

Don’t believe the false promises of others – it’s impossible to have your cake and eat it too. The best decision you can make is to team up with a reliable partner such as Mynt, who will help you set up a precious metals IRA and get into investing in Gold or other precious metals with years of expertise behind them. Trust their advice!

Custodians And Storage

When it comes to IRAs, custodians are a necessity. If you already have an IRA account with a brokerage firm, you may know how partnering with an IRA custodian works without recognizing it. Most traditional custodians don’t offer precious metals as investment options because they aren’t interested in managing these assets.

To gain access to investing in precious metals through your IRA, find a qualified custodian who provides this service or works alongside Mynt that partners with those offering precious metal management services for IRAs.

Funding your precious metals IRA and purchasing coins or bars to add to it will securely store the assets in a bullion depository. Mynt only works with vaults that can guarantee safety for our customers’ investments; this way, we ensure peace of mind for all involved.

Required Minimum Distributions

 The current RMD age is 72, but Congress has plans to increase the age incrementally over the next decade up to 75.

Allowing Americans to keep their retirement savings for longer will assist them in reaping the most advantage out of it. In regards to Roth accounts that involve precious metals IRAs, there are no RMDs imposed. Additionally, all other rules and restrictions related to IRAs still apply, such as those concerning early distributions and associated fines if not adhered to.

Suppose you are looking to invest in a precious metal IRA.If you already understand these terms, more knowledge will be required; however, if this concept is new to you, take the time now and become informed on all relevant information regarding Gold IRAs.

Want to Learn More About a Precious Metals IRA?

If you believe a precious metals or physical Gold IRA could be ideal, do not hesitate to contact Mynt’s experts today. Ultimately, choosing whether or not to start a precious metal IRA is up to you; however, it can assist if you are as knowledgeable as possible before making your decision.

If there’s an orphaned 401(k) that needs superior performance or an existing retirement account needing protection – learning more about a precious metals IRA could put this process in motion toward ensuring your retirement savings stay secure.

Safeguard your money from economic trouble and unforeseen events by investing in precious metals with Mynt. Reach out today to begin a secure IRA journey that will pay off significantly!

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