Buying, selling and storing gold and silver has never been this easy.

Delaware Depository – Safeguarding Your Precious Metals Investment

As a precious metals investor, your security should be your top priority when storing gold and silver. You must choose the appropriate storage solutions for these valuable assets once you diversify with them.

While holding bullion in your possession or placing it into a bank’s safe deposit box can seem attractive, several security risks and logistical, insurance, and even personal safety issues are associated with this decision.

Therefore, you must carefully consider all available storage options before deciding how to store those prized assets securely. If you don’t trust the safety of your local bank or storing precious metals at home, look only as far as private depository storage.

Delaware Depository is widely respected for its exemplary customer satisfaction and operational excellence, making it a top choice when considering where to store IRA assets or valuables you own.

Strategically Located for Superior Service Capabilities

Since its establishment in 1999, Delaware Depository has been an industry leader in private precious metals Bullion custody and distribution.

Located conveniently in Wilmington, DE, they offer superior services such as bullion safekeeping and storage for IRA custodians, financial institutions, broker-dealers, refiners, and individual investors.

What’s more? The CME Group (COMEX & NYMEX Divisions) have certified them for safeguarding gold, silver, platinum, or palladium – making this service one you can trust!

Ensconced from any impending danger in Washington DC or New York City, Delaware Depository is located in an ideal area where it can be easily accessed but remains isolated from the risk of natural disasters that might occur elsewhere. This offers citizens and businesses a secure place to store valuables near major transportation hubs.

In addition, investing in precious metals comes with a bonus for Delaware residents: no sales tax! Customers can also store their bullion at a different location of the Delaware Depository in Orange County, California, or take it abroad and keep it safe at two other locations — Canada and Switzerland.

Full Precious Metals IRA Compliance and Administrative Convenience

Bullion held in the depository’s physical possession is uniquely qualified to meet IRS requirements, making it an ideal investment vehicle for individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

Storing your valuable metals at the Delaware Depository takes shipping, delivery, and transferring to a new level of convenience. Your bullion is usually processed within 24 hours, so you can access it quickly; no delays or unnecessary delays!

With our reliable service, taking possession of your precious metals has never been more expedient. When you invest in precious metals, your investments are secure from creditors.

You remain the sole title holder and owner of all your bullion because it’s held off-balance sheet according to customer instructions only. As a result, rest assured that your hard-earned money will be safe!

The Delaware Depository does not owe the debt, nor does it loan, pledge, or demand any bullion held with them. Therefore, when tucked away in the depository, your bullion will be completely safe from creditors and other external factors!

State-of-the-Art Security

Delaware Depository deploys multi-layered security systems and protocols to safeguard customer assets from theft or destruction. Our facilities are fortified with access control and manned by high-security vaults to protect customer assets.

Security monitoring systems check for motion, sound, vibration, and metal detection devices to ensure consistent surveillance. Furthermore, internal and external auditors regularly reconcile holdings against in-house records to guarantee accuracy.

Delaware Depository has taken the extra step to ensure its clients’ assets are safe and secure, with $1 billion in all-risk insurance through Lloyd’s of London. They provide a secure environment for customers’ valuables and offer an experienced team of professionals who understand what it takes to maintain a customer-oriented depository service.

Delaware Depository employees highly responsive and friendly – something that not many other precious metals services can say! Investing in bullion and storing it at Delaware Depository maintains and guarantees that your property will be taken care of efficiently, securely, and with absolute responsibility.

Competitive Bullion storage fees and friendly customer service reinforce this commitment to providing excellent security. Additionally, we guarantee that your account activity and personal information remain private within our secure system.

Delaware Depository Offers Peace of Mind

Investors can avail of various storage solutions to safeguard their precious metals. And yet the Delaware Depository stands out as one of the most secure operations with its multi-layered physical and electronic security systems, internal controls, legal protections, and expertise under the bank protection act.

Precious metals investors can rest assured that their investments are safe with us. Ready to jumpstart your Physical Precious Metals IRA? You get up to 10% in free silver for a limited time when you contact our team now!

Take advantage of this incredible offer – act fast and reap the benefits today. It’s great for bullion dealers!

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