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7 Reasons why Silver should be a part of your investment strategy

The price of silver increased in value by 48% in 2020. Even with this price move, many experts
believe silver remains significantly undervalued and has been for some time.


A report published World Silver Survey predicts renewed interest in precious
metals investing in the wake of other macroeconomic drivers such as “ultra-low interest rates,
stimulus measures and concerns over the outlook for the global economy.”


Historically, in times of economic crisis, gold prices have risen — but silver has risen even
more. Many experts recommend diversifying 10-20% of your portfolio in precious metals.

Here are 7 reasons to buy Silver now

In an era where the full extent of the economic damage from government over spending is unknown and worst-case scenarios could result in a chain reaction of falling dominoes across a heavily leveraged economy, the ability to protect wealth is at a premium.

Precious metals are tangible and real. They’re not printed out of thin air and, throughout history, have shown to hold their value. Even before the pandemic, many top Wall Street experts repeatedly warned that our markets were in “bubble territory of historic proportion” and ready to burst. Central Banks can’t print gold and silver at  will and without accountability. This is  why many governments including Russia and China, have been replacing their massive U.S. Dollar reserve with gold in recent years, to protect their governments’ solvency as the Fed continues to flood the markets with more and more dollars.

Markets driven by artificial stimulus have the possibility to fail. Why? Because on the other side of all those purchases, is the dangerously rising debt. U.S. debt has grown so high that it now takes nearly all of the federal income tax revenue collected to just pay for entitlements, federal welfare and interest on the debt. Cumulatively, personal debt, corporate debt, state and local debt, and unfunded liabilities (Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid); our real debt now exceeds $241 trillion dollars, more than 10 times our current GDP. According to financial experts and economists, this massive amount of debt can never be repaid—at least not on the current trajectory.

When currency is printed, the purchasing power of currency already in circulation suffers devaluation, resulting in inflation. And, although today’s dollar will buy less than it did 10 years ago, the Fed knows today’s dollar still pays off a dollar’s worth of ten-year-old debt.

Currently, some analysts believe we’re on a path to hyperinflation – where prices for goods and services could rise by more than 50% per month. Peter Schiff, one of the most vocal and renowned economists says, “Hyperinflation has gone from worst case scenario to the most probable scenario ... They are going to unleash a tsunami of inflation.”

The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet is now running at a record $7.3 trillion and increasing rapidly as it continues to print money and purchase assets to combat the negative effects of the pandemic on our economy. Some analysts have suggested that the Fed could see its balance sheet balloon to over $10 trillion given the current trajectory. 

If you're looking to preserve your money’s buying power, income, and way of life; hard assets like physical silver may provide a solid means of wealth. As a dollar- denominated commodity, silver could rise in value as the dollar continues its decline.

In 2019, the World Gold Council reported Central Bank purchases were 668.5 tons. That was the highest level of net purchases since 1971. Why gold? Why now? As global tensions heat up, Russian and Chinese Central Banks are shedding their US Treasuries and converting the proceeds into gold as a safe-haven. It is economically strategic in the event of sanctions from the US and the resulting isolation from the majority of global trade.

While silver has served as currency for thousands of years, it also plays a significant role in many industries. Silver is the world’s most conductive element and the most reflective metal on the planet. As a result, it plays a critical role in how we communicate, replicate, and initiate chemical reactions to advance technology and interconnectivity in the 21st century. 

This makes it, perhaps, one of the most vital components for modern innovation. Industrial demand will continue driving the demand for silver. Much of this demand growth is expected to come from the solar industry. And, silver’s growing application in electronics, medicine, water purification, jewelry, even warfare, should increasingly cause stress on the low availability and lack of needed supply.

Gold is the oldest currency known to man. Going back to Biblical times, it has always been globally accepted and recognized. It operates beyond all borders and apart from institutions and governments alike, thus making it one of the most recognized stores of value known to man for centuries.

Buy Silver With a Company You Can Trust

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